Production Possibilities Curve

Production Possibilities Curve

Online interactive course

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What is this course about?

The production possibilities curve shows you how much consumption should be given to increase any investments present. Our course explains how this curve will bow outward due to the laws of increasing costs. This law takes place when a society uses a lot more resources (which usually takes away from any production of other goods), to produce any specific good. At the end of every chapter, we have quizzes in place to help test and retain any knowledge you learned.

Who is this course for?

What are the prerequisites for taking this course?

What will I achieve by taking this course?

  • Learn what the production possibilities curve is and what it does.
  • Understand terms like “opportunity costs,” “economic growth”, and “the law of increasing cost.”
  • Realize what the limitations of this curve are.


Production Possibilities Curve - Lesson A
Production Possibilities Curve
Examples of Scarcity
Basket of Goods
Shape of PPC
Underuse of Resources
Opportunity Cost
Three Types of Costs
60 Mins
Production Possibilities Curve - Lesson B SCORM package
Shifts in the PPC
Improved Manufacturing Capability
Declining Manufacturing Capability
Shapes of the PPC
Summary and Examples
60 Mins
Production Possibilities Curve Quiz
30 Mins

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Production Possibilities Curve

Production Possibilities Curve

Online interactive course

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