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Top 8 Tips for Getting a Bigger Tax Refund This Year

Do You Want A Bigger Tax Refund This Year?

Ten Best Apps to Help You Keep Your Finance Budget

Given how reliant people are on technology today, it's no surprise that there are many apps for helping people manage their finances effectively. Here are the 10 best apps that will help you stick to your budget.

How to Calculate Loan Payments

Loan Schedule

A loan schedule is a table that describes how we should repay (clear) the loan we have received. The table lists the number of payments we must make, the dates of those payments, and the amount to be paid on each date. In addition, the table also states how much of each payment is for repayment of the principal, and how much is for payment of interest.

How to Calculate Compound Interest

Calculating Compound Interest

The term “compound interest” denotes the fact that we do not actually pay the interest at the end of the year (or at a different set time as regards the interest payment). The interest is added to the principal, and from that point in time, the interest is calculated on the updated principal.