Principal and Interest

Principal and Interest

Online interactive course

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What is this course about?

Our Principal and Interest course will provide you with all the tools necessary in order for you to understand terms like “ratios”, “inflation”, “related expenses”, and the “price index”. Financial gurus will use ratios every day so they are able to analyze a firm and compare it with other firms. This Principal and Interest course will help you make wiser choices when investing, and our quizzes placed at the end of every chapter will ensure that you are retaining the learned information.

Who is this course for?

What are the prerequisites for taking this course?

What will I achieve by taking this course?

  • Understand the different kinds of calculation methods.
  • Be able to tell the difference between “amount of interest” and “interest.”
  • Calculate interest successfully.
  • Be able to explain terms like “inflation,” “price index”, and “related expenses.”

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Principal and Interest

Principal and Interest

Online interactive course

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