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Interactive Mini Course



This Probability course will show you that not trying for the greatest level of generality could pay off by having a greater insight concerning the many underlying economic and personal issues. Questions like, “What is Probability” will be answered as our course offers a fabulous intro to modern probability theories, mostly within finite sample spaces. Our lessons will appeal to people ranging from students to skilled economists. Even though our text is elementary, it is very rigorous in the educational material it holds.


  • Learn about the aspects of Probability.
  • Understand the term and use it in real-world applications.
  • Familiarize yourself with terms like sample space, event and trial.

Topic Outline

Financial Education for Beginners

Our world is becoming increasingly complicated financially. From retired Americans playing the stock market with their fortunes to continuing crises in Europe, it's starting to seem as if financial events worldwide are having an impact on every part of our lives. Having good fundamental knowledge of investments and economics is becoming a necessity for any astute individual or large corporation. Our series of beginners' e-books on finance is the most trouble-free way to get this knowledge. Here's why.

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Straightforward Language

You don't need to be a doctor or professor to find your way around macroeconomics or stock options. Our plain English e-books carefully explain any new term before using it. We know that reading old-school textbooks can become tiring and frustrating. Our authors are working hard to make us different - and to make your lives easier. Browse ebooks


Rome wasn't built in one day; neither will your desired financial knowledge. Our e-books will take you systematically, hand in hand from ground to college level. Those of you who have some background can skip over the basic definitions directly to the in-depth topics. But here's the important point: no previous knowledge is necessary; our e-books are suitable for anyone. Browse ebooks

Review Questions

When it's just you and the e-book, you might feel the occasional need for some feedback - just so you know that you understand things correctly. Each chapter in our e-books is followed by some review questions and their answers to let you know how well you are progressing. If you ever need any further help, we have dedicated discussion boards with our experts ready to help. Browse ebooks


When you think of finance textbooks you probably imagine intimidating heaps of texts and formulas. Not at our school. Our books are filled with friendly, informative illustrations that will help you understand the material on the page. It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words. We believe that after reading any of our books you would see why. Browse ebooks


To help you deal with all the new information you can find in the e-books, we have filled them with examples. They are always straightforward and inspired by day-to-day life, or examples of true predicaments faced by experts. If there are numbers involved, they are always as round and friendly as possible, so you can try to practice on your own. At least one example comes with each section - therefore making our e-books a most effective learning tool.

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